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Artist Info & Song Reviews
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Wensislavian Rock Music
Pete Chaston & Walt Groditski have been creating idiotic music since their teenage years in the 1960's. Their albums contain reconstituted versions of some original early melodies as well generous servings of brand new songs.  There is nothing normal about the soupcon of moronic tunes they have fashioned, so if you have the gumption to plug into one of their CDs, brace yourself for a demented journey into the preposterous world of Wensislavian rock music.

Ypsilata Studio - Wensislavia, California
Pete and Walt pleading with the fans
outside of Ypsilata Studio to lay down
their clubs and hand grenades.

Song & CD Reviews:
Review of "Rugged Hoarhadees" by Baron Dave Romm from BartCop Entertainment:
If you're an arrested adolescent from a Polish background with an obsession with jelly donuts and gross-out humor, you may just be one of the Rugged Hoarhadees. Chaston & Groditski have been performing many of these songs since the late 60's and revel in the "moronic tunes", some of which have been played on Dr. Demento. My favorite track is The Saga of Aunt Sauerkraut, who has a jelly donut head. They sing about the Village Kiss as they face big lips, and the uncaring bystanders when She Fell into a Sewer. Their music is more sophisticated than when they were teens (presumably) with a nice donut doo-wop Tell Me, Jelly Donut and the rap Boo Hoo & Bosco Rap'n'Rock and the nearly angry punk challenge Shove It Up Your Krzywa Dupa Dziura. They patiently explain how to Be a Rugged Hoarhadee. Chaston & Groditski are loads of fun if you're into it, and just dumb if you're not.
I confess . . . I'm a little into it.
Review of "30-Year Reunion Sessions" by Baron Dave Romm from BartCop Entertainment:
As long as I'm catching up on old friends let me mention Chaston and Groditski's "30-Year Reunion Sessions." If you want virtuoso performances of ennobling music that will infuse the listener with dignity and determination . . . run away from this CD. Run far and run fast.  If you want to listen to two guys having a lot of fun, and maybe you want to sing along to some catchy but stupid songs, then you've found home. Their previous effort, reviewed here a while ago, is "Rugged Hoarhadees." After thirty years, they've slipped away from most of the in-jokes (I kinda missed Aunt Sauerkraut). But they haven't grown up. Dupa Dupa Toilet Bowl, We Burned the Christmas Tree and Shower Rock Blues are fun, in an arrested developmental sort of way. The latter song has lyrics: I'm gonna put on my rock and roll shoes I'm gonna jump in the shower and wash away my blues. Requiem for My Girl is one of the I'm glad my ex is so miserable songs that are cropping up in my collection more and more these days. I suppose love songs aren't that much fun. From Volvites (about Yuppies) to Ubiquitous Sphee (about Viagra), the two Polish adolescents have kept their innocence and whimsey. If you liked "Rugged Hoarhadees", you'll like their "30-Year Reunion Sessions."
Comments about "Shove It Up Your Krzywa Dupa Dziura" by M. Ebert, Kid Antrim Music
". . . we remain impressed with the originality of your song, as well as your inspired style and sound."
Review of "Rugged Hoarhadees" by Mark Gillespie of Oddest Recordings:
"I love it!  The world would be a better place if songs like yours made the Billboard charts."
Comments from Lou Rallo, The Big Beat Show, WRSU-FM, Rutgers University:
"Not only are you guys insane, you are incredibly insane.  I respect insane . . . so I respect you incredibly.  I can't even think of a reason for you doing that CD . . . but that's what insane people do."
Comments from Ian Marquis, SupaNovaRadio, United Kingdom
". . . there's some real piss the pants stuff here!! Absolutely luvved it!!"
Comments from Rev. Bubba Levi Greenacres, Nerd Rock
"Wow . . . thank you . . . i will keep loving the music, and i hope you keep making it."
Comments from Frank Moore, Love Underground Visionary Revolution
"We love your cd!  It is now in LUVeR's mix . . . when you have more stuff, send it . . ."
Comments from disc jockey Gil T. Wilson:
"Okay . . . the weirdness has been unleashed.  Pete Chaston and his cousin Walt Groditski have been recording some of the wierdest sounding stuff for a few years and well let's just say the last time this was unleashed on the world a meteor struck the earth.  Honestly, you must have all their cd's in your collection, they are fun at parties and great ways to get rid of those in-laws."
Reviews from
"You guys sound like a bunch of high farmers beating your pigs.""That was hilarious!!! I laughed my ass off.""I don't know what is going on here. I don't think I want to know.""That was funny as hell. I need a beer and some bad smelling friends around.""I know now what happened to the Muppet Swedish chef - he joined a band with some extras from a Coen Brothers movie.""Whatever you guys are doing, I want a 6-pack!!!""Zappa meets Python.""Stu Mitchell making love to Boris Karloff.""This is very strange, but it contains much goodness.""This makes me want to kill myself.""I laughed so hard I just about pee'd my pants!!!!!""The kind of music that makes my insides curl . . .""The marriage of Sha Na Na and They Might be Giants."". . . vocals have me rolling on the floor.""This reminds me of listening to my cat vomiting.""It brought a smile to my face."". . . sounds like a circus from hell soundtrack."". . . cracked my ass up. Loved it guys . . .""You guys are crazy et j'ai adore felicitations.""Yeah, this is pretty cool."". . . wow, very, very original."". . . me and my girlfriend laughed our heads off . . .""You are not invited to my house for Christmas!""Damn funny lyric and a little infectious.""Funniest damn thing I've heard in a long time.""You guys are evil!""Great stuff here, the band was all together and the lyrics are downright funny.""I actually like it . . . sort of.""Strange but interesting.""This type of behavior does not seem characteristic of a reproductively viable species . . .""I applaud the band for having the courage to even write something so ludicrous.""Frank Zappa meets the King Biscuit Flower Hour.""Yea! Take a style around the block and come back with a squirrel your dog has never tasted!!""The guitars are not in time with the drums, with backing vocals overlapping lead vocals and rendering both unintelligible at times. This is a rock classic.""Zappa is rolling over in his grave.""Good music and funny lyrics!""That's off da chain, fo sheezy."". . . just straight up funny.""I laughed . . . then I laughed again.""This isn't music!!!!""You guys crack me up.""Sorry, I can't handle it. AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!"
Comments from French fan Joel Lameloise:
"J' often listen to Walking with my Baba . . . which I find brilliant . . . and I listen to all your emissions."

Download a movie clip of Pete & Walt recording 30-Year Reunion Sessions.  Click on the text below!



Pete begins a recording session with a traditional Wensislavian salutation!
Walt's power chords help drown out the discordant Polish harmonies in Um-Bop Waa Waa!
Sometimes, the two Rugged Hoarhadees get so excited that they can't contain themselves!


"We can't stop dancing to the crazy music of
Chaston & Groditski!"